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William and Kate Have a Baby etc, Proceed with a Normal Life.

Whoah ‘Hello’ magazine, so William and Kate are moving into a new house?  Hold the (insert intrusive, catch-all swear in here) front page.  Okay, I admit it: it’s unfair and myopic to denigrate a publication that includes information its target audience would find interesting, but I can never pass up an opportunity to express sarcasm, and, to be frank, the ease with which they’ve managed to gain a very comfortable living space is very unusual in this day and age.  For the majority, being able to afford just the one house, with four windows at the front, never mind eighteen – yes, I counted – is a grinding slog.  For some, and I include personal friends in this, things are even more difficult: they are working two jobs, so they leave the house at half past five in the morning, only returning at eight at night; they are working overtime every weekend; they are living like hermits, with no spending money, where even the smallest expenditure has to be budgeted. Yet my friends are still two or three years away from affording a deposit on a house that would be suitable for a family.  They’re even too late to buy a council house.  Surely life shouldn’t have to be so exhausting? These problems are neither William’s or Kate’s fault, but their situation brings the lives of the rest of us into stark relief. Of course, I sympathised with my friend and both admired and was astonished by their will and determination to achieve a home, and I wished that I could do something to help.  But, to my abject shock and horror, my sympathies for my friend were tainted by selfishness.  And this is why: the only real way of helping my friends and thousands of others like them who want to buy into home owning Britain is to make houses cheaper by building more houses.  Simple.  Great.  Political parties: put house building at the very top of your priority list.  However, and this is where my shameful selfishness kicks my good intentions in the groin, that would mean that MY house value would lessen, and that MY savings, scraped together and turned into bricks and mortar, would decrease.  That may well amount to a lot of money.  And here is the real question:  am I a good enough person to vote for a political party that would genuinely aim to deflate house prices for the greater good?  If I’d known that I’d be faced with this sort of moral choice, I might have foregone the house and invested in a pension or the stock market.  Or a small business. The U.K.’s housing crisis is both insidious and divisive. Worse, the situation is barbed, like a fish hook, as millions might perceive that they have a lot to lose by changing the situation. It is of paramount importance then, that, as well as carrying out the moral duty of building more houses that our government, in whatever shape or form it may take over the coming years, also carries out the moral duty of looking after those who bought – perhaps unaware that they were doing so – into the home owning ideology of this country over the past few years.  Perhaps they could sort out pensions?  Perhaps oversee real wage increases?  Perhaps then people will not have to put their life on pause while they wait to buy a decent house.  Perhaps people might not have to look on as others struggle. Perhaps then people may get the opportunity to look at their house as a home.


One response to “William and Kate Have a Baby etc, Proceed with a Normal Life.

  1. I don’t know about that… I think that we should all pay a load more attention to the story of “woman has baby” and less to the pressing social issues that are dividing this country(!) Unfortunately there are too few of us with a sense of priority.

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